The No#1 Sales Close that is Rarely Ever Utilized

Over the 25 years I have accompanied and conducted hundreds of field observation calls with sales people. During this time, I witnessed the same situation repeat itself countless times. When confronted with a “concern” (objection) salespeople would immediately started to attack what they had "assumed" was the prospects “true / real” concern.

This occurred most often because many do not even take the time to clearly identify or understand the prospects concern. They would just immediately respond to the “concern” by attacking what they believed (assumed) it to be.

This is in my opinion; the number one reason salespeople fail to close.

Most of the sales people started off well when they met with the prospect. Most tried to the best of their ability to determine what the needs of their prospect were and work hard to present the features and benefits of their product or service. From there they entered the closing phase of their sales process with the belief that the prospects were ready to move forward. Yet, much to their disappointment the prospect decides to hold off.

Most, at this point started to attempt to close by hoping they could identify the prospect concern.

Some were successful and others, attempted once or twice to identify the prospects true concern. Yet, most simply assumed they already knew what the concern (Objection) was.

There are several dangers that can occur by their failure to clearly identify their prospect true concern.

The first is obvious, they have pushed the probability of sale further away. The second one is even more dangerous; the sales person can expose a concern or an objection that may have really have not been concern in the first place. When this happens, again the probability of closing is further away. The last danger is, by not taking the time to identify their true concern, the whole sales process can become almost confrontational. The prospects may start to feel annoyed and feel like the salesperson has no real interest in their concerns.

So, I am sure you are asking yourself how can this be prevented from happening? The answer is easier than you think and is something that most sales people rarely do.

Inside Secret

For me, the simplest way to clearly identify my prospects concerns was to ask the one question that generally is never asked; in fact, it as simple as one word, the question is “why”. This powerful, yet simple question can be the difference between closing a sale or not.

I am often so fascinated, how this simple, yet powerful question is often never asked.

There are numerous benefits by asking this simple question. First, it allows the closing process to continue, second, it helps clearly identify the prospects true concern. It also displays a level of empathy and concern that you, the salesperson is truly trying to help them. Second, by asking this simple yet powerful question, it gets the prospect to provide more details about their true concern, and you an opportunity to specifically address that concern. This in turn, permits you to focus in on their concern and work on overcoming it and ultimately close the sale.

Closing a sale, can be easy as asking “Why”

IIf you would like to learn more inside secrets for closing sales. Feel free to contact me.

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