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Start-Up Coaching-Consulting Services by Anthony Bartolo Sr.

START-UP Coaching & Consulting Starting or Launching your business can be one of the most exciting times in your life, also one of the most challenging. Your to-do list can seem a mile long, especially if you do not have all the answers or know where to turn to find solutions.

Your SOLUTION Online Coaching & Consulting. Combining both, you benefit by receiving Coaching that focuses on YOU and Your Personal Growth as a Business Owner. The Consulting side provides you with the critically important expertise that you need that provides the answers to your questions, the help with the challenges and obstacles you are facing along with the advice and direction in the areas you need help with.

This unique combination ensures that your personal growth and your business are created and built on a solid foundation and well prepared to grow into the business you dreamed of. 


Start-Up Consulting Customized Business & Sales Growth Program


Below is a partial list of topics I have coached and consulted others on.

  • Business Planning & Strategy

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Define Your Specific Financial Projections, Goals, Benchmarks, and Timelines

  • Create Your Sales Process and Program – Compensation and Commission Plans

  • Help Establish Implement Your Sales and Internet Marketing Schedule

  • Review and Assess Your Internal Operation Process


Start Up Coaching  - Creating Your Personalized Development Program

Initially, the focus is on you, what it is you want to achieve, the goals you desire and what dream you have for your business. From there we focus on creating a personalized plan to move you forward to achieving your dreams, goals, and your greatest potential. 

Achieving your dream – Be Your Personal Advisor

  • Help you Overcome Stress by Establishing Priorities

  • Keeping you Focused on Action Items and Time management

  • Guiding you to Define and Set achievable goals

  • Get You to “Work on” your business – NOT in your business

  • How to effectively Follow Up and delegate non-essential activities

  • Create an outward and inward positive attitude

  • Enable You to effectively communication with your staff

  • Holding you Accountable and Motivated and are divisions of

Preferred Sales Consultants, LLC.

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