About Anthony Bartolo Sr.  

“To Achieve You Must First Truly Believe.”


No Theories, Just Results. 

Anthony Bartolo Sr is a respected, highly regarded Master Salesperson and Business Leader. He instills his passion for success and his over 40 years of proven experience and knowledge in sales and business into all his coaching, consulting, and training services.

He has Trained and Coached over 7,000 Sales Professionals and Advised and Mentored hundreds of Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. 


His proven sales and business methods, techniques and trainings are not based upon a theory, or by having the need to adapt to a new difficult process. He provides sales and business professionals with the practical tools necessary to improve their skills, embrace their career, achieve the financial success they desire and the business they always dreamed of. 


He motivates, mentors, and guides his clients by sharing his expertise and certifications along with showing them how by first believing in themselves and truly believe in their product and services they will achieve the success they desired.


Your Customized Action Plan 

The majority of Salespeople and Business Owners have suffered some type of Stress, Anxiety, or Frustration

at some point.


The one common denominator, they do not have 

“A Plan of Action” 

I help you overcome your fears, eliminate stress and create a path and Customized Action Plan to your Future Success!

My passion remains in creating positive environments that are welcoming, supportive, and are a force for change.


Your Success Always Comes First and Is My Top Priority.

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