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Hello, My Name is Anthony Bartolo Sr. "Your Sales Online Coach"

Career Credentials • Trained & Coached 7,000+ Sales Reps and Managers • Coached and Mentored 100's of 

Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners •

Generated Over 60,000+ Sales Leads

Multiple Training Certifications

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What my Coaching Clients are Saying...

  • Anthony is very professional and knowledgeable. I genuinely enjoyed our conversation and I have learned a lot in an hour. Well worth the investment. He walked me through the steps I need to get my business moving in the right direction. Thank you so much Anthony & I’m looking forward to our next meeting, - 5 Star Jerry Roma

  • D. Stevens 5 Star Very rewarding for anyone needing business advice.


  • Good foundations 5 Star (Second Review)

Look, if you want to give your competitors the upper hand- leave this page right now. However, If you’re ready to take your business to another level then you’re going to want to buy Anthony’s gigs. It’s as simple as that.


  • Exactly what I need to move to the next level, and very satisfied with the initial meeting. Look forward to next! 4 weeks ago Chet D.


  • Anthony's approach is methodical, he brings tremendous value to the table! Great experience and HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Singh – 5 Star

  • Good foundations 5  Anthony is probably one of the absolute best and brightest advisors I have ever met with in my career. As somebody who has been founding, growing, and selling successful companies for over 45 years- that’s really saying something. I’m remarkably impressed and will be joining him for presumably countless more Skype sessions in the future.


  • Great talk, he explains everything very clear and will book with him again, thanks! 5 – Star – Ormit


  • Top notch. Looking forward to working with Anthony over the long term. - 1 month ago – Wilfred 5


  • This was my first time working with Anthony. He was pleasant to speak to and appear to have a depth of knowledge I'm seeking from a business coach. Looking to continue working with him. There's only so much you can cover in an 1hr session. 2 months ago – Harry B


  • Anthony is a true guru, I appreciate the time my friend coach – Barry H 2 months ago 5 Star


  • Knowledgeable & Good Guidance Support . Thank You ! -Stephanie  2 months ago


  • Smart and focused. Gave very good recommendations for action. Highly recommended.- 5 Star


  • Atedtaotao 5 Star  Got great insight for my business idea. 2 months ago


  • Manava -  5 Star  Anthony is great at the entire business life cycle. He is very patient and an expert adviser. Will definitely hire him again. 2 months ago


  • Austin welge 5 Star Excellent person to work with. He developed a great sales program for us. 2 months ago


  • Lilian 5 Star  Anthony is the best! He provided me with all the information that I need ...and moreeee!! Love Love Love Love him! I'll definitely purchase another session with him next week - can't wait!!! 2 months ago


  • Susanasurjan 5 Star - Very attentive, polite and pleasant to talk with. I will want to continue working with him.- 2 months ago

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